What a Wishlist

by Briana Harry

As we dive right into the season of giving, don’t leave yourself out. This time of year, we think heavily about material items, but take a moment to assess your real needs. What can you do to show up for yourself in this season of life? With this week’s Winter Solstice and Great Conjunction, this is the perfect time to set some intentions. For the next year, of course, but you are more than welcome to start right now. 

Who do you want to be? What habits do you see in alignment with your highest self? Take the time to write or reflect mentally from the perspective of the person you are working to become. Give yourself the gift of clearly set intentions and a clear path ahead. Even if you change your mind down the line, all that matters is that you start. 

So, this very strange holiday, if you can’t exist alongside your family or with your typical traditions, let yourself be embraced by the best gift giver in your life. You. 

Happy Holidays.