We Stand With You

by Briana Harry

Hey Sol Sister,


We hate that we even have to reiterate our stance here, that this is even a discussion. Women and uterus carrying people deserve the right to choose what does and does not happen to their bodies. Just like all people. All people deserve autonomy and the right to choose. To allow a basic human right like that to some and not all is nothing short of horrendous. The recent overturning of Roe v. Wade is a nightmare made reality.

There are so many documented and legitimate reasons that someone would undergo an abortion; but the fact is, the reason doesn’t have to be everyone’s idea of legitimate. All it has to be is the very best option for the person choosing to do so. To live in a place that emphasizes “freedom” and not have all forms of freedom be upheld is disheartening. So, as best as we can, we support and stand by all individuals’ right to choose.

If you or someone you know is in need of reproductive services, please check out the following resources:

Deliverable Birth Control:


Emergency Contraceptives:


Abortion Finders


Information & Support

The best things we can do in a time like this is arm ourselves with knowledge and be there for one another. Keep these resources handy and share them, as we never know when we’ll need them most. We’re in this together.


**A special thank you to the following sources: @wicked_ones on TikTok; @drjenniferlincoln on TikTok; threeforfreedom.com; @michelleobama on Instagram; @votesaveamerica on Instagram.