Time to Refresh and Reset

by Briana Harry

Spring is in the air. The sun is shining, the temperature is beginning to climb, we have to meet this gorgeous phenomenon with energy that matches. We all know about the concept of spring cleaning, but do you go about a personal cleanse in the same way? Just as it is essential to prepare the home for the new energy of the season, it is also essential to prepare the self. Here are some ways to spring clean the self and walk into this new season replenished.

  1. Reflect. Just like you would take stock on everything in that closet to determine if it’s a keeper, a giveaway, or a throw away, look back on the past quarter and season and determine what you’re holding onto. What habits can end here? What patterns do you want to keep up with?
  2. Dispose. Once you’ve reflected, you can choose to let something end right where you are. You can decide to do away with behaviors or thought processes that are no longer serving you.
  3. Polish. Now, this is where you take stock of the habits and insights that you’ve gained over time and are here to stay! Anything that you Love about yourself, any habits that are doing you good, let them shine and bring them right with you into this next season.
  4. Enjoy. Last, but certainly, not least. Be sure to breathe deep, and settle into this refreshed place.

With a replenished spirit, allow your senses to search for things to Love about the space you’re currently in. There is so much to get excited about, and you deserve to take it all in.