The Infamous Yeast Infection

by Briana Harry

I know no one ever wants to talk about this, it can be as annoying to talk about as it is to have, but here it goes. The age old yeast infection has been plaguing Women since the dawn of time. Any slight tip in our healthy bacterial balance can bring one on. I do mean ANY and I do mean so annoyingly slight. If you’re like me, and a little more sensitive in general, this can be extremely frustrating and such a bummer, BUT! There is hope for us. 

For preventative care, I’ve paid a lot of attention to my diet, I keep a probiotic vitamin on deck, and I drink my kombucha! The biggest key for me, though, is what to do when things happen and I find myself with a yeast infection anyway. Depending on the severity, it can be first of mind to head to the closest store for some vaginal suppositories. I don’t blame that thought, trust I have been there, but there are better ways. The thing about over-the-counter remedies is there could be a lot of junk in them, and you still run the risk of not getting fast acting treatment. 

The fastest and most comfortable treatment I’ve gotten so far has included coconut oil. Yep, right in there. Coconut oil being an established anti fungal means it has what you need to kill off the bacteria that’s over doing it a bit. So, I put two in two together, and my last yeast infection was cleared right up within the day of me inserting a RootedSol Solace Suppository. Although not listed as a use for yeast infection treatments, the proof is in the ingredients. Pure coconut butter and hemp extract. That’s it. 

There are plenty of natural remedies to be tried before heading out for some medicine. Hopefully they stay far away, but if not, try something proven to be better for you.