The Best Ways to Support a Woman

by Briana Harry

As our mission is to provide and promote wellness for the aches and pains of life, we can’t help but to have women at the very front of mind. Not only are physical pains normalized at a young age, for most girls, but the pains of impossible expectations, as women go through life, are even more common. For Women’s History Month, and beyond, we want all women to feel supported and heard as they go about their individual journeys. Here are some of the best ways to show women support.

  • Listen to women. Women are valuable assets to the spaces they’re in, yet society is very used to shutting down a woman’s thoughts and ideas, or believing them when they’re in need. Hear the women around you out. Even, as a woman, you may not be noticing the learned behavior you possess that causes you to not hear your fellow woman.
  • Support their businesses fairly. Thankfully, women owned businesses are booming. Buy from women and don’t complain when that woman knows her worth, pay the full price.
  • Engage and promote a woman on social media. It costs nothing to show a woman she’s seen and big her up. If you admire a woman’s work, or attitude, or humor, whatever it is. Send other people her way.
  • Make room for women’s transparency. One woman’s story is often so many others, commend women for speaking up and speaking out on uncomfortable subjects. Thank them for their bravery and for helping others not feel alone.
  • Love on the women close to you. Say I Love You more. Treat the women in your crew. Make them laugh and feel good. Life is way better when women are happy.

Women are the backbone to life itself. The world stops without women, and every woman should feel how important she is.