Summer Care

by Briana Harry

It’s getting hotter and hotter, but that doesn’t mean our hygiene has to pay the price. If you are a person with a vagina, you know how real it gets in the summer, from the daisy dukes to the long, sweaty days; but there are lots of things that you can keep in your repertoire to keep it fresh.

First and foremost, don’t fret. You are a human being, you’re going to sweat, and you’re not gross for doing so. You just want to make sure that you keep your vagina’s health in mind, because it’s easy to get distracted when we’re having a good time. Here are some reminders to keep close.

  1. Cotton is your friend. It’s already going to be hot, do yourself a favor and wear underwear that is breathable and comfortable. If you’re not wearing anything super tight, going commando is another safe option.
  2. Wipe throughout the day. Keeping some pH-balanced, vagina-safe wipes on hand is always a good idea. Especially if you’re out for a long day. This way, you can keep your vagina fresh and happy between showers.
  3. Ditch the wet stuff. We mean your bathing suit. Extra moisture around the vaginal area can create space for unwanted bacteria. So, once you’re done splashing, go ahead and switch into something cute and dry.
  4. Understand the extra sensitivity that comes with a hairless vagina. Be sure to take extra care if you remove your hair. With your skin exposed, you want to be even more careful when it comes to what you wear, what products you use, and even swimming too soon in pools with chlorine.
  5. Give your menstrual cycle some extra care. When it’s hot, it may be wise to switch out tampons and pads even more often than usual. Menstruating and being sweaty can make for a big bacteria breeding base.

Enjoy your fun in the sun, and make sure your vagina’s happy too!