Sum Sun

by Briana Harry

Seasonal depression is so real, and those affected by it, more than likely, have the hardest time in the winter months. Cold and dark isn’t exactly the most ideal environment to thrive in. Well, now it’s our time to shine. As we close out the month of May and usher in even more Sun-time, let’s keep in mind why it’s important to get out and get some while we can.

The healing essence of the Sun has been proven for years and years. For over a century, medical experts have confirmed that direct sunlight was one of the best environments for patients to heal and recover. You don’t have to be in a hospital to prove this point. A lot of us experience immediate uplift from spending time in the Sun after it’s been a while.

More day to day benefits of using the Sun while we have access to it includes: improved thinking ability, reduced stress, improved the function of our immune systems, and being in an all around better mood. So much good happens when we feel good. Being in the Sun can fill our feel-good tanks up enough to make amazing things happen.

It’s important to note that while the Sun is an amazing resource, protecting your skin is pivotal. Applying sunscreen daily can protect you from the Sun’s UV rays that are even more penetrable with the ozone layer being in the shape it’s now in. Once you’re all screened up, you’re good to go!

Do yourself a favor this season and make the Sun a priority in your routine. Whether it’s moving your workspace to the most exposed window, or taking a daily walk or run, the Sun will give you the energy you need to make each day a beautiful one.