Skip the Resolution, Root Yourself in Intention

by Briana Harry

’Tis the season to make all of the lofty plans for what you think you want to achieve, that may likely be left in the dust by mid-January. Let’s just give that whole process a rest, shall we? What happens between the end of December and the end of January that makes us just give up altogether on what we’ve planned? I believe it is a matter of our plans not being in true alignment with who we are. 

This New Year, spend some time in deep contemplation, in meditation, even. Meditate on what you really want from yourself moving forward. Who do you want to be? How do you want to get closer and in deeper alignment with your highest self? Set an intention or two, and make a list of action items that will bring those intentions to fruition. 

A lot of times, we set resolutions based on what we want to stop. Who we want to be less of. Consider enhancements, instead. You are already who you’re meant to be. From that, you can grow. Don’t seek to shrink yourself. Seek to make the you that already exists even better, and even more you. 

Take a moment to consider what this looks and feels like for you. Write it down, and put the intention out there. You’ve got this. Have the happiest new year. A new year no longer dedicated to being a “new you”, but being your best you. The you that you already have inside.