Random Acts of Wellness

by Briana Harry

Happy National Wellness Month, Sol Sister. We’re about a week and some change in, and wellness is needed more than ever. We want you to be well, and we don’t mean the well that email found you as. We mean really well. Feeling good, feeling your best, in spite of the news, our tendency to doom-scroll, and anything else that has our attention captivated.

There are many dimensions of wellness, so we hope to point you in the direction of a plethora of ways to serve them. It’s never too late to add to your routine, to enhance your days. Especially, if these enhancements, over time and in the moment, will aid in your overall wellness.

  • Add body movement to your daily routine.

Whether it’s a quick walk around the block, a 15 minute dance routine via YouTube, or getting into the gym, moving your body will release stagnant energy and make you feel good.

  • Create a prayer or meditation ritual.

Having a practice of going inward and listening to yourself and your inner guidance will strengthen your ability to do so when you really need it. You are so well equipped already, it’s just that you can hardly hear yourself over the world’s chatter.

  • Find more ways to incorporate produce into your meals.

Fruit and vegetables come readily prepared to fill the gaps in needed vitamins and nutrients for your body.

  • Read a book.

Reading expands our perspective and a wider perspective means a more open mind.

  • Get outside.

Find a tree and get near it. Nature is full of its own means of healing, you’d be surprised how uplifting a little time outdoors can be.

  • Spend more time talking with positive people.

We have a way of becoming what we surround ourselves with. Spend more time talking to your optimistic friends.

  • Master a craft you care about.

Whatever it is, you liking it is enough for you to choose it. Getting really good at something boosts confidence and that confidence spreads to other parts of your life. So worth it.

  • Tap in with your inner child.

Who were you when you were little? How much of that little person is still present? Do what they like to do. Watch movies and shows that bring you back to childhood. Play games, play with toys. Color. Unplug and be playful.

These are to be extended past just this month, tap in with what feels in alignment, and keep it going. As you try things, notice what feels good, what feels enhancing, and build on it. Keep it in the routine and even let it grow. Add more things to other dimensions of your wellness.

Of all the goals we set, our wellness and feeling good is top priority.