Period Peace - Tips on Soothing Those Symptoms

by Briana Harry

So, we’ve already covered why our periods may be hurting and discussed how severe pain during our periods is NOT normal, despite what we’ve been taught. However, it still feels like something, right? We never want to encourage this common “deal with it and press on” narrative that so many people with vaginas have followed all our lives. Even if it isn’t “severe” and you’re able to push through your symptoms, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

Your need is valid when it comes to your period symptoms. When it comes to aches and pains, if it’s what you deem a “normal” amount, you can alleviate with exercise, hot baths, or even having an orgasm. Again, if you’re experiencing pain that you don’t deem as normal, be sure to look into it. Check out our Not Ovary Acting E-Book to learn more about empowering yourself to speak up at the doctors.

For those not so physical symptoms, mood swings or even feeling sad or depressed, the first thing you want to have in place is the ability to be gentle with yourself. If you can, in the moment, remind yourself that this is temporary. Meditate or practice mindful breathing, to bring yourself into the present and offer yourself some calm.

A lot of other PMS and period symptoms can be soothed by getting more rest. We know this is easier said than done, but every little bit counts. Being properly hydrated and eating balanced, nutritious food are some natural habits that can really aid in this time, as well. Eating some sweet fruit as opposed to the candy you may be craving, can make a big difference.

As always, everything comes down to listening to your intuition, and doing as much is within your control as possible to try to have an easeful period experience. We always know what we need, it just may not always be front of mind. Give yourself some grace as you get better and better at listening to your inner needs, and soothe all your symptoms.