November Playlist

by Briana Harry

Make bath time a vibe. Picture it. It’s dark outside, you have a window open to feel the breeze. You smell the sweet lavender coming from your RootedSol Unwind bath soak as the tub fills up. You’ve lit your candles. You’ve got yourself a glass of wine. This is self care. This is decadence, luxury, and you deserve it. You’re pampering yourself for no particular reason other than you deserve it. Whether everything on your checklist is completed or not, you are entitled to this


There’s only one thing missing to truly make this a vibe. You need a bomb playlist filled with calming jams for your candlelights to sway to. I’ve got just the thing. The following are ten songs from my personal “Make It A Vibe” playlist that always do the trick when it’s time to exhale.

1. Water & Air by Alex Isley

2. Lonely Hearts by JoJo

3. When The Party’s Over by Billie Eilish 

4. Peak (Fed Up) by Raahiem

5. 11:11 by Jordin Sparks

6. For Real by Amel Larrieux

7. Dreams by Solange

8. Tonight’s The Night by Janet Jackson

9. Break You Off by The Roots (ft. Musiq Soulchild)

10. When I’m In Your Arms by Cleo Sol

Now, you have everything you need to treat yourself to some real ease. Breathe into the vibe, and add some jams of your own. You’re bound to leave yourself feeling relaxed and reset.