Mental Health Awareness Month

by Briana Harry

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. The purpose of it is to raise awareness and work to eliminate the stigma around the experiences of those living with mental and behavioral health issues. While there are many people who have been diagnosed with conditions such as depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder, there are also people who are not diagnosed and still struggling to maintain their mental health.

This is all too common, and has gotten increasingly complicated with our recent evolution into the web and social media. There are far more ways that our mental health is affected now than before. So whether you are someone with a traditional diagnosis or not, it is our belief, here at RootedSol, that it is imperative that your mental health is prioritized.

We understand how much “wellness” has grown into this buzz-word, but if you will, take a moment to clear all the trendy social media images from it for a bit. Think about what makes you feel your most “well”, and how it benefits your mental health. Maybe things that are a part of your regular routine come to mind. That means keep those things, and continue to keep them in your toolkit. Maybe something came to mind that you experience sparingly. How can you make more room for this in your day to day life?

Write these down and keep them close. Whether it is regular therapy sessions (which you do not need a traditional diagnosis for, and is beneficial at any stage of mental health), prioritizing rest, or just making time to catch up with Loved ones, do whatever you can to keep those items in tact.

Here’s to remaining aware of our mental health.