Love Your Body Down

by Briana Harry

As we enter into this very romantic time, we want to remind you that the most valuable exchange of Love is the one from you to you. Our bodies are our ultimate source. As we go about living busy lives, sometimes, we tend to neglect the body. Giving our bodies the attention they need is the catalyst for overall wellness. There are many things we can do for the body that will translate to better spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional health. 

Here are some ideas: 

  1. Exercise. Movement is essential. This doesn’t have to be strenuous. You are fulfilling the needs of your physical health by dancing, and even walking. Make it a priority to Love your body with movement daily. This is also a good way to boost body confidence. 
  2. Meditation. You may be thinking “how is sitting still helping my body?” You’d be surprised how many body benefits you’ll receive from a regular meditation practice and breath work. Meditation has been a known helper of headaches, anxiety, sleep problems, and much more. 
  3. Masturbation. You are worthy of pleasure even when you’re alone. Masturbating can release stress and tension, help you sleep, and boost your mood. *Pleasure hack: the Solace Suppositories are a perfect lube alternative, with ingredients you don’t have to worry about. 
  4. Eating. The act of eating is good for your body, and what you eat can definitely earn you some bonus points. Resist the urge to fall into all the new year noise about diet fads, do what feels most balanced for your body. Most importantly, be present as you’re eating. Make it a mindful, and enjoyable experience. 

Treat your body with the love it deserves. Make it a priority and watch how it thanks you.