July Playlist

by Briana Harry

Hey Sol Sister,


Reemergence is on our mind. We always have room to start over, to reinvent, to make a comeback. Don’t resist when you feel yourself called to a fresh start. Also, lean in when life makes this decision for you. All things are flowing as they should, so resist the need to be rigid, allow yourself to flow freely into the next stage.


This is a common occurrence that comes in many different forms. Whether we are processing a break-up, reinvigorating a dream or idea, or coming out of a much needed time of rest, the comeback can catapult us into our next level-up.


On a collective level, we are experiencing a shift into a new phase. We are in the beginnings of a new summer season, we are right off the heels of the latest mercury retrograde (glad to see you made it through), and our society itself is revealing so many more ways we’ve been in need of something fresh.


We believe in the power of music to usher in what’s newly needed, and to affirm us in our next phases. I present to you, the June playlist for you to groove to as you make your comeback.


  1. I Can See Clearly Now x Johnny Nash
  2. I Will Survive x Gloria Gaynor
  3. Count Me Out x Kendrick Lamar
  4. BIGGER x Beyoncé
  5. Fly x Nicki Minaj feat. Rihanna
  6. Aim High x Childish Major
  7. Stronger x Kanye West
  8. Bag Lady x Erykah Badu feat. Roy Ayres
  9. New Attitude x Patti LaBelle
  10. A New Day Has Come x Celine Dion

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