July Playlist

by Briana Harry

Happy first day of July! July is when we are into the thick of the summer season, we’re getting out even more, and for some of us, this kicks up a lot of nostalgia. Think cookout. Whether it’s a small gathering, or your full on family reunion, there’s a soundtrack to these moments that so many of us have memories of. This playlist is for that. Getting in touch with our inner younger selves with happy memories of fun times.

  1. Before I Let Go x Maze & Frankie Beverly
  2. Candy Rain x Soul for Real
  3. Real Love x Mary J. Blige
  4. Summertime x DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
  5. Hey Mr. D.J. x Zhané
  6. U Know What’s Up x Donnell Jones
  7. Square Biz x Teena Marie
  8. Outstanding x The Gap Band
  9. Got to be Real x Cheryl Lynn
  10. Never Too Much x Luther Vandross

Let this month embody all of the good parts of the past that make us the best of who we are. Let this month be filled with the light, Love, and laughter of our younger summers. Happy July.