Hey Sol Sister

by Briana Harry

Hey Sol Sister,


We all have a story to tell. Despite which chapter you’re in, which mistakes may have been revealed so far, or how you may be feeling, you are deserving. If we let the world tell it, it’d be far too difficult to remember all that we are worthy of, just by existing.


You deserve to feel safe in every space you inhabit. You don’t deserve to go about your days wondering if you and others are safe. As you go to the grocery store, to the movie theater, as you send the little people in your life to school, you deserve to maintain peace and ease. You don’t deserve to have to worry as you go about everyday life.


You deserve safe, affordable healthcare that is necessary for you and your body. You deserve the autonomy to make the decisions that you deem best for yourself, for your body, and for your family. You don’t deserve to have to compromise your health and safety as you make choices around what is best for your current life. You deserve the right to choose for yourself.


As you menstruate, if you menstruate, you deserve an easeful experience. You don’t deserve to have to “push through”. You don’t deserve distracting pain and discomfort. You deserve to keep pleasure on the table. You deserve safe, trustworthy products that can aide in this process. You deserve to be equipped with knowledge about your body that will keep you comfortable and confident throughout the entirety of your cycle.


Perhaps more than anything, you deserve the space and ability to be guided by your body. Your body is magnificently aware and communicative of your needs. When your body calls for food, for rest, for time to commune with others, even; you deserve to be able to make space for that. You don’t deserve to be so burnt out that your needs go neglected. You deserve a well-rounded experience in life, where all needs are met while accomplishments are being made.


We all have a story to tell. May our stories include the radical belief that we are worthy as we are. That we are deserving regardless of our checklists. That we are entitled to the peace and love, not always portrayed to us.


Hey Sol Sister, tell your story.