Have a Laugh

by Briana Harry

For most anyone who is conscious in this day and age, the world has been offering up anything but something to laugh at. With civil unrest feeling unending, and still being in the midst of a pandemic, it could be hard to get some joy in. That doesn’t mean it isn’t needed, it absolutely is. Laughter is mostly an involuntary act, but the benefits of it are worth making it a priority, and doing it on purpose.

On a mental level, not only can laughter improve our overall mood, but it can also release tension and lower anxiety. It doesn’t stop there. On the physical front, laughter has been linked to releasing muscle tension and even boosting the immune system. By releasing endorphins, laughing is an easy way to get to feeling good, and feeling good is important.

Laughing is also something that connects us. A lot of us have spent an extensive amount of time in much less community than we’re used to. The reason so many of us keep going back to our shared space online is because it’s a place we feel connected to others. All the jokes and memes are definitely a part of that connection. We feel closer to others when we share a laugh with them.

It’s important that we prioritize joy. Make laughter a part of your self-care because it brings you closer to joy. Being in joy brings you deeper into the path to your best self; and when we’re all our best, the world is better for it.