Earth - The Love That Keeps on Loving

by Briana Harry

One of the most magnificent phenomenons about being a human is undoubtedly where we live. The Earth is a remarkable planet, one of the most sophisticated and versatile that we know of. And we get to live here! Just like us humans, the Earth is a master creator of its own. When left to its own inner knowing, the most beautiful, majestic creations have come to form for us to witness.

Plant medicine and holistic healing may be something that seems like more of an internet trend these days, but it is the Earth’s oldest trick. Creating food, medicine, topicals even, right from itself, and it’s proven to be best for most of us. Here at RootedSol, we’re well versed in cannabis, just one of Earth’s little creations with some big benefits.

Everyday, more and more uses of cannabis are being developed and discovered. If you just google “CBD”, there is already so much to look into that can be of help to your inner and outer systems. All of that help and goodness coming from one little plant, and that’s far from where the Earth stops. There is so much food, and even natural sources of water, everything we need to survive, right where we stand.

Of course, now, we are more and more aware of how our inhabiting the Earth isn’t always to its benefit, but thankfully, there are people who are very well equipped to help, and so much that all of us can do. Ride-Share programs, consuming less animal products than plants (because plants are easier to make and maintain), and recycling are just a few of the ways we can do our part to reduce our carbon footprint.

Think of more ways to give to the Earth, it’ll never be as much as She gives us, but it’ll keep Her giving. Happy Earth Day.