Don't Fret About Period Sex

by Briana Harry

I know we all have some mixed feelings about the topic, but let’s face it, we deserve all the good feelings we can get around this time. Having sex during your period can actually offer you some relief and other benefits. Some Women have experienced comfort from menstrual cramps and even headaches. Some Women have even experienced shorter periods from having sex during. The muscle contractions that occur during orgasm can push out the uterine lining shedding faster, shortening your period. Cool, right?

In addition to this, it’s a great way to answer your body’s call if you’re someone who experiences heightened sex drive during your menses. It’s important to note that while it is rare, it is not impossible to become pregnant while on your period. So, if you are actively preventing pregnancy, continue to use proper contraception.

When considering this, be sure to have an open conversation about yours and your partners feelings about period sex, but as long as you both are down, let your freak flag fly. Be sure to remove a tampon, if using, before getting down to business. Lay a towel down for easier clean up, if it’s a heavier day. Shower sex is also good for this time. Be mindful of your body’s comfort, your usual sexual routine and positions may not be best for this time. Having sex while lying on your side is typically a good go to for period sex.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself. You are still sexy and desirable, even during that time of the month. As long as your partner and you can get past the squeamishness, having sex during your period is perfectly safe, and can still be fun.

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