Conquer PMS With These Foods

by Briana Harry

It turns out the foods we eat while on our periods can either lessen or worsen the pains and symptoms that come with it. I don’t know about you, but for me, the last thing I want to do while on my period is discuss what I’m not supposed to eat; but it’s an important thing to know so that you can have the comforting comfort food you need while also helping out your symptoms. I’m also someone who happens to enjoy cooking, but even my level of passion can be diminished by being on my feet in the kitchen while on my cycle. So, here are two easy options for eating with ease during that time.


Chicken is rich in iron and protein which is super helpful if you want to stay full and cut some of those period cravings down. The chicken thigh is super juicy and so easy to make delicious. You deserve something decadent. Try salt-free cajun seasoning (salt will only add to your bloating) and browning on both sides in a cast iron or oven safe skillet. Then just bake! Easy peasy and so tasty! This could easily be swapped with fish or tofu, two protein rich options that are good if you don’t do chicken.

Leafy Greens

You know what’s better than minimal cooking? Not cooking at all. Greens like kale and spinach are also high in iron which is great for those heavier days. For an extra boost, massage in some olive oil and flaxseed oil. Olive oil because it’s tasty and flaxseed oil for the digestive benefit, especially if you’re experiencing any constipation as a symptom. Again, try not to do too much salt, but fresh lemon juice would go great. More than anything else, take it easy with yourself and put your overall health first.

Additional Options

Fish: Rich in iron, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids, fish is a nutritious addition to your diet. Consuming iron will counteract the dip in iron levels that you might experience while menstruating. Omega-3s can also reduce the intensity of period pain.

Beans and Lentils: Lentils and beans are rich in protein, so they’re good meat replacements for vegans and vegetarians. They’re also rich in iron, which makes them great additions to your diet if your iron levels are low.

Ginger: A warm mug of ginger tea can improve certain symptoms of menstruation. Ginger has anti-inflammatory effects, which can soothe achy muscles. Ginger may also reduce nausea.

Turmeric: Turmeric is known as an anti-inflammatory spice, and curcumin is its main active ingredient. A 2015 study looked at the effects of curcumin on PMS symptoms and found that people who took curcumin had less severe symptoms.

Water: Drinking a lot of water is always important, and this is especially true during your period. Staying hydrated can reduce your chances of getting dehydration headaches, a common symptom of menstruation.

Food To Avoids

Here's a quick list of foods to avoid because of their ability to increase inflammation and pain.

- Carbonated Drinks

- Processed Foods

- Fried Foods

-  Sweets 

- Alcohol