CBD - Pain's Latest Kryptonite

by Briana Harry

Here at RootedSol, we believe firmly in the power of CBD as a remedy for everyday aches and pains. We do understand, however, that with all things that become trendy comes the healthy amount of skepticism. So, if you are still wondering what all this CBD talk is about, we want to leave you equipped with general knowledge that will comfort you into incorporating CBD into your self-care arsenal. 

The world of self-care has grown so glamorous. Just looking at the phrase brings most of us to a visual of lush bubble baths, champagne, and resting with cucumber slices on our eyes. This version, though, is not available to all of us on a daily basis, and also doesn’t fulfill our everyday needs when it comes to how we really need to be cared for. The more realistic version of self-care includes responding to our bodies as they communicate their needs to us. 

A common message from our bodies comes in the form of various aches, strains, and pains. CBD has given us the perfect response. Over some years, CBD has had some promising results from its topical use to treat pain, inflammation, and other discomforts caused by various health conditions. There are still many studies being conducted in order to bring CBD into the world of FDA approved medicines, but in the meantime, we can use what we know now to help where we can. 

The use of CBD in products like our Calming Bath Soak is ideal for baths to soothe muscle strain and pain, as well as menstrual pain and discomfort. With the relief felt from a soak, you can only imagine the soothing energy that comes in the form of a suppository (the RootedSol Solace Suppository has entered the chat).

If you are dealing with occasional, and especially, daily aches and pains, stop wondering what to do next. You’re never going to know until you give it a go, and the use of natural CBD is more than worth the try.