A Dose Of Discipline

by Briana Harry

Whether you practice the religious tradition of Lent or not, there is so much benefit to strengthening your relationship with discipline through periodic fasting. Fasting by way of abstaining from eating certain foods, consuming alcohol, or even having a social media detox (these days), are all ways to experience a sense of purification and balance to your overall wellness. Some say, that as a spiritual practice, fasting is much less about what we give up, and more about what we, in turn, are making room for.

Think about what there is to discover within the self when clearing space where we usually have a habit. As all things should be consumed moderately, giving a certain food or drink up for a while tends to do the body good. Fasting could also strengthen the mindful practice and prepare us to listen more closely to self. When paired with a regular meditation practice, we are essentially turning our attention inward, there’s nothing better than getting closer to our inner knowing.

Common removals for fasts (religious or otherwise) are meat and alcohol. For people who already practice a vegan or vegetarian diet, this is a good time to dive even deeper to a purely plant-based or raw lifestyle. Either of these options are removals that will have a positive effect on the body, mind, and spirit. Social media is also a great removal on its own, or to be paired with others to really quiet that outer chatter.

With all things that are meant to build discipline, make sure to align yourself with a real ‘why’ that works best for you. Not everything is for everyone, and while fasting could be beneficial for all people, it’s your choice how to do so. So, take it easy on yourself, forgive any slip-ups, and just do what feels best overall. This way, you’ll get even more of what you need from the experience.